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Explore our guide to Ginza, Tokyo - a classy district for the refined Tokyoite. Whether you are actually shopping or just browsing, with all the stores, the various showrooms and numerous galleries make it an interesting walk about. tokyo shopping guide Tokyo ginza tokyo shopping guide has many shopping neighborhoods, each with their own ginza tokyo shopping guide style and vibe. There&39;s an English sign out front. It’s quality offerings are second to none and just by walking around Ginza it’s easy to understand why. Every weekend between 12pm and 5pm (or until 6pm from April to ginza September) the road is closed to traffic and becomes a large pedestrianised zone, making afternoons the best time to visit, whether you plan to browse the stores or embark on a full-blown shopping trip. · Ginza Travel Guide In Tokyo, Ginza is almost synonymous with high-end shopping, dining, and bars.

Diamond Bldg Prada FANCL Lion Bldg Swarovski ginza tokyo shopping guide UFJ Hakuhinkan Toy Park Paul Stuart Lounie 23ku tokyo Shisedo Lladro Salvatore Ferregamo Kokusai Hotel Tokyo. This is the place where Tokyo’s rich and famous gather together at the various cocktails bars, lounges and exclusive nightclubs that make up this classy part of town. Its proximity to Tokyo Station, Marunouchi, tokyo Hibiya, Yurakucho and Tsukiji also makes it a typical destination for locals and visitors alike.

Ginza is the name of a district in central Tokyo. Tokyo Shopping Guide: Ginza Ginza is an upmarket area full of flagship stores of international brands. Where to eat in Ginza? most visited in Tokyo The Ginza (銀座) is Tokyo &39;s most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous department stores, boutiques, art galleries, ginza tokyo shopping guide restaurants, night clubs and cafes. Ginza and Yurakucho, two of the busiest shopping districts in Japan, are lined with world-renowned department stores and name-brand shops catering to those with sophisticated tastes. It is considered ginza tokyo shopping guide to be one of the most expensive, elegant, and luxurious streets in the world.

From department stores that span multiple levels to itty bitty independently run shops, Tokyo has it all. ginza Whether you&39;re in the market for clothes, accessories, electronics, or home goods, you&39;re bound to find what you&39;re looking for in Tokyo. Beyond the designer and boutique shops, there are Wako, Mitsukoshi, Ginza6 and many other department stores ginza tokyo shopping guide to find what you’re looking for.

Global designer brand stores, prestigious Japanese department stores, boutique outlets, as well as top-end restaurants – it’s all tokyo here for those with cash to splash! ginza tokyo shopping guide It also ginza has the reputation of being a shoppers paradise, packed tokyo with countless department stores, international brand stores, luxury boutiques and fashionistas. Our Ginza shopping guide takes you inside the glimmering city lights of Tokyo to the glamourous district of Ginza. Ginza is very close to the Tokyo Station and Marunouchi Area, so consider eating there if ginza tokyo shopping guide you want to save a bit of money. A 10 minute walk Westward, and you&39;ll reach the Imperial Palace.

What is Tokyo shopping district? Tokyu Stay Ginza Deals on Agoda. Ginza’s most prominent shopping street is the Chuo-dori.

Find most of the district’s most impressive malls and boutiques along Chuo Dori, a 1-kilometer strip known guide ginza tokyo shopping guide as Pedestrians’ Paradise, popular on weekends because it’s closed to traffic during the afternoons. Nearly every leading Japanese ginza and international brand name fashion and cosmetics company has ginza tokyo shopping guide a presence here, as well as major electronics brands such as Sony ginza and Apple. Ginza Ginza was Tokyo&39;s first Western-style shopping district and it&39;s still where the ginza tokyo shopping guide old money shops. · Tokyo’s Ginza has long been known as one of the city’s most upmarket ginza tokyo shopping guide districts. Ginza is Tokyo&39;s and Japan&39;s premier shopping and dining district. The popular tokyo cafes and coffeehouses of Ginza had their beginnings during the bohemian 1920s. Ginza 9 Bldg 3 Ginza 5 Bldg Nishi-Ginza Inz 1 Inz 2 Tiffany Melsa & Co Itoya Matsuya Ginza Mitsukoshi Genten 4º Bridal Cartier Chanel Daiwa Oji Hall Nissan Sony Lion Ginza Core Azuma St. The wide boulevards and narrow lanes ginza tokyo shopping guide of Ginza are lined with high-end boutiques, department stores and exclusive restaurants.

Other things to do in the Ginza District include dining, some nightlife that is more subdued than raucous Roppongi, cafes and music bars, and theater. As the neighborhood is one of the most expensive places in Tokyo, the name can’t be more fitting today. It&39;s a designer label mecca but ginza tokyo shopping guide there&39;s also traditional shops, retro cafes and alleys crammed with casual eateries. Tokyo Shopping Guide. It is the home to many flagship stores for designers and brands, and fabulous dining options. · Those days can still be felt in Ginza, and there remains even today, an element of hedonism and luxury that epitomized the era 30 years ago. Aoki (sushi) This approachable and excellent sushi restaurant is a great place for a delectable sushi lunch or dinner in Ginza. Opening Hours: 11 am – 8 pm.

Ginza in Tokyo is undoubtably one of the best places to go shopping in the entire world! Discover elite malls ginza tokyo shopping guide in a traffic-free zone in ginza tokyo shopping guide GINZA. This is Tokyo’s centre of glitz and glamour – not a particularly cheapo-friendly zone when it comes to shopping, but well worth a visit for a spot of ginbura – ginza tokyo shopping guide Ginza browsing. It is a vibrant shopping area with large department stores and several famous brands. ginza shopping map in english Shopping in Ginza is the the ritziest shopping in Tokyo. Whether you are looking for high end luxury shopping or just ginza planning a visit to a 100 yen shop, there are great options all over the city.

equal to Fifth Avenue in New York and Oxford Street in London, we ha. Join Tokyo’s Hi-So circle in one of the most decadent shopping regions in the world. Ginza ginza tokyo shopping guide - Tokyo&39;s premier upmarket shopping district ginza tokyo shopping guide The Ginza features high end department stores, boutiques, art galleries and designer brand stores. Rather than resting ginza tokyo shopping guide on its reputation, however, Ginza constantly evolves with the times, providing cultured modernity, energy and ginza tokyo shopping guide old-Tokyo charm. Ginza&39;s backstreets are adventures in ginza tokyo shopping guide boutique shopping and tiny yet exquisite bistros. In Ginza, the air seems almost scentless, like freshly minted coins. Ginza is an upscale shopping and entertainment district in Tokyo.

Chuo-dori avenue is lined with multi-storied brand stores devoted to luxury and fashion, the back streets have smaller places offering more exclusive service. Located in the Chuo ward, Ginza is one of the most famous districts of Tokyo. · Address: 8-8-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Ginza Tokyo Japan – A Complete Guide To Tokyo’s Fanciest Area In Japan, Tokyo by Asian Wanderlust DecemberComments Ginza Tokyo – The glitz and glamour of Ginza calls for fashionistas from all across the world to its concrete jungle of high-rise shopping centres filled with global brands and local luxury.

There&39;s something for everyone. 0/reviews). Chuo Dori Street in Ginza: Korkusung / Shutterstock. A plaque on the street in Ginza claims to mark the single most expensive spot of land on ginza tokyo shopping guide the entire tokyo planet. It is a high-end place, known for luxury shopping, art galleries, many top restaurants and nice cafes, and for providing an interesting alternative to Roppongi in high rates nightclubs.

There are plenty of options ginza tokyo shopping guide for shopping in the world&39;s largest metropolis. Ginza Shopping Guide Our Ginza shopping guide takes you inside the guide glimmering city lights of Tokyo to ginza tokyo shopping guide the glamourous district of Ginza. Ginza offers world class ginza tokyo shopping guide ginza tokyo shopping guide shopping experiences found nowhere else in the world. Here, you&39;ll find brand stores, Michelin star restaurants, multitudes of hidden art galleries, and a lively bar scene. What to do in Ginza? There are also many upmarket, long-established restaurants and bars nearby. Ginza is known as Tokyo’s high-end shopping mecca and the ritzy end of town, where some of the city’s best of retail, dining and entertainment can be found. Originally named for a silver coin mint established there in 1612, Ginza has long been known as the city’s historic seat of ginza tokyo shopping guide eye-popping price tags, lavish flagships, and high-end department stores.

Ginza ginza is the birthplace for Tokyo&39;s department stores, and shopping in Ginza is still the peak of high-end shopping in Tokyo. ginza tokyo shopping guide Ginza ( 銀座 ) means silver place, which was named after a silver-coin mint established in guide the area a few hundred years ago. · Ginza, Tokyo Shopping and Eating Guide Japan’s premier retail and dining My edited version of this story was also published at the Japan National Tourism Organisation (attached below). · Wallets tremble at the very mention of Ginza, Tokyo’s famously luxury shopping district.

It is a popular upscale shopping area of Tokyo, with numerous internationally renowned department stores, boutiques, restaurants and coffeehouses located in its vicinity. This article is a comprehensive guide of Ginza, an elegant and history-rich area, where visitors can enjoy shopping and fine cuisine at a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Shopping in Ginza. For tokyo those on a budget, it’s still ginza tokyo shopping guide fun to check out the window displays and architecture, ginza tokyo shopping guide but there’s other places of interest too. Ginza - Tokyo&39;s Most Popular Shopping District. · 2.